GNU General Public License

Export As Images

This extension lets you export all the Impress slides or Draw pages as images of JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP and TIFF format.

Khmer spelling dictionary

Check and suggest Khmer spelling.


DirectBurn allows to user directly burn or write the current openoffice file to CD/DVD. This extension is very easy to use and save time to first save the file to local disk and then burn the file using third party burning software.
CDs and DVDs are made multi-session so a single disk may be used many times

Bibliography Manager

OpenOffice Writer offers great support for larger documents. However, creating and managing a larger scientific document like a Master- or Ph.D-Thesis with a large number of bibliographic fields turned out to be more complicated than it should be for every day use with the standard dialog under OOWriter.

Arabic AutoCorrect

This Project aims to construct a word list and a list of regular expressions for Arabic auto-correction.

Arabic spellchecker dictionary 3.0

Arabic Spellchecking Pack 3.0 for OpenOffice/LibreOffice (Dictionary and Thesaurus) provided by the Ayaspell project[1] into a format recognized by 3.0.
Any improvements are welcome.

Calendrier - Calendar V. 2.0.1

NOTE : This extension doesn't work with OOo 3.3, we hope somebody will help to resolve this problem

English description follows the French one

French description
Grâce à l’extension Calendrier, vous pourrez créer vos propres calendriers à l’aide d’ Plus besoin de dessiner vos petits carreaux, ni de retrouver l’ordre des dates et des jours, le tout est calculé automatiquement par l’extension Calendrier..

Clear spaces cells

[En] Clear spaces in the cells containts strings. If the cell containt only spaces, the cell will be empty.
[Es] Limpia de espacios en las celdas que contienen cadenas. Si la celda solo contiene espacios, la deja vacía.


Hunspell-based dictionary and affix list, and spellchecker for Western Armenian that handles more than 30 million word forms.