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Jitenize is an extension for OOo Writer that goes through a Japanese text and creates for every word it finds footnotes that come from a dictionary database included in the extension.

Nakdan by Culmus

Semi-automatic diacritics tool based on Wiktionary.
תוסף לניקוד חצי-אוטומטי. מאגר הנתונים מבוסס על ויקימילון.

LibCryptooo - Basic Cryptography for schools

LibCryptooo is an extension of basic cryptography for schools.

Caution: in the current version, menus and dialogs are only available in French. Frequency analysis is related to a French text.

Some historical methods of encryption are available: substitution, Caesar, linear function, Vigenère, transposition.
The encrypted text can be studied by analysis of frequency and be decrypted.
With this extension, you will find a folder containing some examples of actual use in the classroom.

Java Time Zones

Converts dates between time zones. Re-formats dates. Performs date arithmetic according to calendar.
The extensions manages dates via Java built-in classes: GregorianCalndar, TimeZone, SimpleDateFormat, Locale.

Extension's functions:
[CSE] means [Ctrl+Shift+Enter] i.e. an array formula.

* Date string functions
jtz_date_split [CSE]

தமிழ் சொல்திருத்தி 0.1

50 இலட்சம் சொற்களுடையத் தொகுதியைக் கொண்டு இந்த சொல்திருத்தி தயாரிக்கப்பட்டிருக்கிறது. இத்தொகுதியிலிருந்து பொறுக்கியெடுத்த ஏறக்குழைய 2 இலட்சம் சொற்கள் சொல்திருத்தியில் இடம்பெற்றிருக்கின்றன. ஆயினும், தவறான சொற்களுக்குச் சரியான பரிந்துரைகளை ஓரளவிற்கே இச்சொல்திருத்தியினால் வழங்க முடியும். இனி வரும் வெளியீடுகளில் இச்சிக்கல் மெல்ல மெல்ல களையப்படும். பயன்படுத்திப் பாருங்கள். மேலதிகத் தகவலுக்கு, வலைத்தளத்திற்குச் செல்லுங்கள்.

OCR helper

This extension is created to help fix most common errors in text which was got through OCR(Optical Character Recognition) program. eg. you scanned book and want to create .odt file, so you use OCR application and create .odt file, but in process of OCR applications makes common mistakes eg. "tekstas j tekstas" there it should be "tekstas į tekstas" so this extension helps fix these common errors.
Extension created to fix errors ONLY in Lithuanian language, so it can't make any good work if text is in other language.

Cross-Reference Headings

  • Languages supported: English, French and German (except help file)
  • Macro packaged as an extension
  • Compatible with OOo 3.x new outline level scheme
  • Improved code for master documents
  • Help section added in OOo help files at extension install
  • Direct access to the extension help from the dialog
  • Heading (real) text shown in preview field
  • Small bug fixes:

Reference Manager

  • Languages supported: English and French
  • Macro packaged as an extension
  • Compatible with 3.x
  • Improved code
  • Help section added in OOo help files at extension install
  • Direct access to the extension help from the dialog


This is an extension for which enhances the security by giving various options for different encryption and decryption techniques.The scope of the project lies in strengthening the security of Writer text documents.
The main features are as follows:
• Symmetric Key Encryption
• Password Based Encryption
• Public Key Encryption
• Extensive Help Content