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Saturday, 11 December, 2010 - 16:04
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Compatible with OpenOffice 4.x?

Writer2ePub is an extension that creates an ePub file from any document openable by the OOo Word Processor.
Just simply one click, you can obtain a well formatted, easy readable ePub file from almost any document.

What is Writer2ePub?
W2E is an ePub creator. Simply write your document with the OOo Word Processor and W2E will make an ePub file using the best traditional typographic rules, by applying a predefined style sheet (CSS). If you need a good ePub document and you can use the OOo Writer Word Processor, W2E is your tool.

What Writer2ePub is not?
W2E is not a simple file converter. It does not just convert an existing document to ePub. If you need to obtain a pure wysiwyg ePub file, W2E is not for you. Please look at [URL=""]Calibre[/URL] or other OOo extensions available on the Internet to do this kind of jobs.
Neither is W2E an ePub editor, please look at [URL=""]Sigil[/URL] or other similar product if you need to edit and modify an existing ePub.

Who can use Writer2ePub?
W2E is intended for occasional users and professional use. The occasional user can create an high quality epub without worrying about the source document quality, while professional can create an easy editable, well structured and valid ePub file.

Just double click on the dowloaded file, it will install or replace the old W2E version.
Otherwise, please open the Extension Manager from the Tools menu and add the extension from there.
Once installed, on opening a new writer document you will find a small toolbar with three green icons.

Simply press the first icon, and an ePub will be created in the same folder of the original file.
The icon with the blue mark is useful to add or edit the metadata information (title, author and so on).
The last icon with the red mark is to modify the preference. In a normal use you don't need to modify these settings.

Writer2ePub is a software tool written by non-professional programmers.
The author and all the collaborators are not responsible in any way for direct or indirect damages caused by W2E to your data, your software, your hard disk, your computer, your person, your home, your town, your country, your planet or your universe.
Please use it carefully and at your own risk!



Version Operating system Compatibility Release date
1.1.25 System Independent 4.0 01/08/2013 - 00:29 More information Download
1.1.25 System Independent 3.0, 3.0.1, 3.1, 3.2, 3.4 01/08/2013 - 00:26 More information Download


I just tried the extension for the first time, with a simple letter and with a Microsoft Word document that I opened in OpenOffice Writer. Both were output as good ePub documents. Now I'd like to try something more complicated. How do I create an document so that the extension puts out chapters as for a book?

Just use in your .odt the Heading 1- 6 stile to mark the chapters titles. These will be added by hierarchy in the EPUB file


When I first installed the extension with Extension Manager, after the installation finished I tried to use it. I got an error message. Then I closed OpenOffice and re-started it. The extension worked fine thereafter. Apparently, OpenOffice needs to re-load to find the necessary extension files, but after that first time, it's fine.

Hi guys. I was glad to learn about this project. I have been using Atlantis Word to create EPUBs for some time but was hoping for an alternative since there are few things I don't like about the Atlantis program including the fact they don't support tables.

However, I generated a runtime error immediately upon hitting the create EPUB button for a document I had previously created from Atlantis, that contains many image files and styles. I also did another test using a document that contained just a small amount of text and was successful.

Anyway, I can't email you the ODT document that caused this error, but if there are log files that might be of use to you in troubleshooting this let me know.

I've asked this same question on several forums, and as of yet, no one has offered any answers. Is there no one who can figure this out?

I need the source file to understand why it causes errors, the log is not useful. The main problems that cause errors are:
– frames (not yet supported in W2E)
– inconsistent formatting (too many styles or links broken, tables inside tables or with complex formatting…)
– inconsistent headings hierarchy (a heading 2 MUST occur only after an heading 1)
– error in the source file (bad conversion from other formats, typically from .doc or .rtf documents)


Thanks for this great idea to convert ODT files to EPUB format. I tested this extension and found some issues that I'ld like to discuss here. Perhaps it's my fault, because I'm quite new to Open Office and ebooks.

I converted a Writer file with some chapters and included pictures. The text looks quite gode, but the graphics and their subtitles are completely missing. I checked the epub file and found, that the graphic files are in there, but at their position in the text the reference is missing.

The text's paragraph formatting is slightly different from the formatting I used in the Writer file. It's of course readable, but different.

If you need an example, I'ld be able to send you the original file and the epub.

Have you got any idea?


Seeman (Chris)

1) your images are inside frames, and frames are not supported. Please remove frames from your source file.
2) W2E uses a predefined CSS sheet, if you need to change the styles please edit the EPUB CSS with Sigil. Otherwise you can create your own style, calling it w2e_something and this style will be added to the CSS.

I got the message "Invalid license file". I have downloaded the most recent version of the plugin, installed it, shut down OOo and restarted it.
Anyone knows a fix?

There are no license file in W2E, maybe that error is caused by other extension?


Is it possible to customize the extension, for example to recognize custom styles rather than the default heading1?

You're right.
When you install or update an extension, you need to restart OOo, because the links of the buttons needs to be updated.

I will add it to the FAQ in my blog , thanks


I installed the Version 1.1.13 from this site, first it says here to be 1.1.10 but it is not, it is 1.1.13, but after installing it, I get neverending Update request in OpenOffice, showing me, that Version 1.1.14 is available.
It is not.
I can upate it in OpenOffice but I will again get only 1.1.13 AND I will get another annoying Update information.

Please fix this.

Hi - the function worked very well in converting my document, except that the internal hyperlinks didn't convert. In the original document, I have many internal links, mostly when there is a term that is described in detail elsewhere in the document. The hyperlinks work properly in the .odt flie, but there appears to be just the text in the epub document, no associated link.

Any ideas?


Table of content not working. It seems id in content.opf don't match id in toc.ncx, please check. thx.




I tried to convert an ODT but I found the following bugs:

Title: if the is a single quote ' -> Crashes
Original Title: if the is a single quote ' -> Crashes
Publisher: if the is the Ampersand "&" -> Crashes
Description: if the is a single quote ' -> Crashes

I use this release:
Ubuntu 11.04
LibreOffice 3.3.4 OOO330m19 (Build:401) tag libreoffice-, Ubuntu package 1:3.3.4-0ubuntu1

Solved in 1.1.15


I'm sonewhat confused as to whether or not this is the right tool for me. In the description it says "If you need a good ePub document and you can use the OOo Writer Word Processor, W2E is your tool", but later on it also says "If you need to obtain a pure wysiwyg ePub file, W2E is not for you". Not sure what the wysiwyg refers to here. Are the files created by W2E readable on ebook readers or not? Another important question is, does this support using the Arabic Alphabet in documents?

Yes: W2E creates valid ePub compatible with all eReaders.

Maybe: the RTL languages needs to be supported also in the eReader software. I will check for W2E RTL compatibility in next revisions.
Please send to me an Arabic sample text (with at least one heading 1) to writer2epub[at]



I got the following error when trying to convert an RTF document into Epub:

Symbol not expected in this sentence in the Basic script:

I tryed to update the extension but it still fails.

Help will be appreciated. Thnx in advance.

This statement only changes the icon of a button and seems to be not essential. "REM" helps...

To prevent problems, please work only with .odt files. If your source is an .rtf or .doc, please save them to .odt before start the creation.
This because only .odt files can store additional information about metadata and settings.

Is Writer2ePub free for private and commercial use?

Best regards

Yes, it is free, but a donation is always appreciate :)
Moreover, if you use W2E for commercial use, please insert the credits to W2E in the books

I do a lot of editing of books and short stories for other authors. I want to be able to convert the stories to the format for e-Kindle books. Can this handle that?

Yes, you can! Just download Kindlegen from Amazon site and specify the path in preferences. W2E will create both EPUB and Mobipocket files. If you use W2E for professional use don't forget a donation ;)


I have an OO document that I want to export to EPUB. The document contains a single image with alt text. When I export my document using Writer2ePub, the text exports without problems but the image does *not* export with the book. Does Writer2ePub not export images? I'm using version 1.1.24 with OO 3.4.1.


Sorry for the delay in my answer. Maybe your images are included in frames, and W2E still doesn't support frames. For a better solution, please send to me your .odt file using the contact form in my blog

Writer2ePub don't works with oo 4.0??? I install 3.4.1 again!

AOO 4.0 seems to have problems in extension management. I try to install W2E and other extension but none show the icon bar of the extension.
I will investigate further.

Thank you for your great work!

Solved with a new version compatible only with AOO 4.x, please download it

I am Using Apache Just Installed OpenOffice 4.0.0 and Can't Seem to Use The ePub Export Extension. Does Anyone Know anything about This?? Thanks...

AOO4 uses a different method to manage extension. I built a new version only for AOO 4.0, just look in my blog:

I am short storywriter, before, I am using word then convert files for ePub or ereader format so the files can be readable to any mobile ereader capable devices. Thanksfully that now I can use this app directly to write epub files without any conversion. Thanks, this works in my iPad device.

Richard of

Hi Luke,

Terrific extension – thank you for developing it.

In the course of testing it, I have found that if a hyperlink contains an ampersand ("&"), the published eBook will cut off (i.e. simply be blank) from the point where the sentence containing the offending hyperlink is.

An example hyperlink where I can consistently reproduce this behaviour is:

This has to be inserted as a hyperlink in the source ODT file to reproduce the problem. Specifically, the link target (not text) must contain the ampersand to reproduce the problem. Remove the ampersand, and the eBook will publish and appear normally.

I am on Ubuntu 12.04, LibreOffice, with Writer2ePub version 1.1.25. Any pointers you can give will be awesome.

Donation for the great work in general is on its way.